Lana is back teaching in Toronto until August, at the classes above!

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow:

Basic experience recommended

A vigorous and playful class that will energize and strengthen. Explore a variety of sun salutations and move into twists, back-bending, arm balances, and inversions. Prepare to be challenged with creative sequencing inspired by Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga styles.

Chakra Flow:

Basic experience recommended

A vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on the chakra system. Some weeks we journey through all 7 chakras in one class, or there will be a focus on one in particular. Expect creative, grounded movement with philosophy woven throughout!


All levels welcome

This class is an opportunity to turn your focus inward and slowly open the body. Poses will be held for 3-7 minutes and are done mainly on the floor with the support of props. Targeting the hips and spine, yin stimulates the dense connective tissue of the body. This creates space and maintains (and expands) healthy range of motion. Lana weaves philosophy from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga models throughout the class.


All levels welcome

Expect to relax, unwind and replenish. Poses are all done on the floor with many props supporting the body. This practice is more passive than a yin class, allowing for true rest as the nervous systems calms and the breath deepens. Sweet and soothing- ideal for those with busy schedules and minds.

Private Classes

Interested in yoga but not sure where to begin? Are you an experience yogi looking to refine your practice? Want to learn more about Sanskrit or the Yoga Sutras? Send me a message. Rates are done on a sliding scale.

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