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Singing freely can be an incredibly joyful experience. Many describe kirtan as a heart opening event and leave with a greater sense of peace or overall harmony.

In April 2017, Lana released her second album, Reverence. It is a beautiful evolution- one that included 3 years of leading live kirtan throughout Canada and strengthening her commitment to the practice. Produced by the ever-brilliant Chris Gartner.

“Blending traditional kirtan sounds and chants with western and electronic beats, this mantra album is filled with devotion, joy, and sweetness. These eight tracks range from slow to medium tempo and contain both Buddhist and Hindu mantras. Recommended for all kirtan fans.” ~Timothy Burgin of Yoga Basics

LANA SUGARMAN: vocals, harmonium
CHRIS GARTNER: bass, guitar, ambient textures
NARADA WISE: vocals, percussion (tracks 5, 6, 7)
SAMUEL SALSBURY: sarangi and violin (tracks 1, 6, 7)
BRENDA MCMORROW: vocals, guitar (track 4)
KEVAN MCKENZIE: percussion (track 5)
DAVID GLUCK: guitar (tracks 3, 5)
MEENAKSHI (of Swaha): vocals (track 2)
JOSHUA LEWIS: vocals (track 6)

PRODUCED, RECORDED & MIXED BY Chris Gartner at Redwood Sound
MASTERING AND ADDITIONAL MIXING BY Taras Petryk at SerpentOne Studio ALBUM PHOTOGRAPHY © Jeremiah Hill Photography
DESIGN BY Michèle GuevaraALL SONGS COMPOSED BY Lana Sugarman except for Twam Eva (traditional)

Released in August 2013, Invocation is a collection of mantras put to music. Lana began her study of Sanskrit and sound in 2004. Inspired by Marla Meenakshi Joy of Swaha, her first kirtan with Bhagavan Das, years of practice at Jivamukti Toronto, and the many traveling artists who shared their music, she began to write and lead kirtans throughout Toronto.

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Praise for Invocation:
"Lana Sugarman's long awaited debut CD, Invocation, delivers a sweet and sultry dose of heart-opening mantra music. These 8 Sanskrit chants guide listeners along a delectable journey through the fertile emotional terrain of the heart. Impeccably produced by Chris Gartner, these fresh tracks provide a gorgeous soundtrack for yogis, dancers and those seeking head bobbing grooves for cruising down the highway of life. Get yourself a copy!"

-- Michael H. Cohen, Dattatreya Kirtan Institute founder

"As the founder and programmer for Bliss Bubble Radio, I listen to a lot of kirtan-chant-mantra music… a lot. I love the genre and the artists in it, but I’m rarely bewitched by any one artist’s album. This one got me. As I listened to it for my station’s rotation, I found that it made me smile—inwardly and outwardly. This girl has got a little extra magic in her musical mantra mojo. Her vocal tone is rich and soothing. Each track has been flawlessly produced by Chris Gartner and totally supports and enhances Lana’s music, making it shine."

-- Leanne Wood, Founder of Bliss Bubble Radio

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